High Efficiency,High PPFD
4'X9' Extensive area irradiation
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1 Pieces(Min. Order)
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Brand Introduction
HortiBest has been focused on researching and manufacturing LED grow lights since 2005. We provide indoor, greenhouse, multi-layer lighting solutions for hundreds of growers. We deliver outstanding and solid LED grow light worldwide. Light the world, light the life!


Enhanced coverage
The Octopus-H15L boasts an impressive coverage area of 4*9ft, surpassing other brands in the market. This means you can achieve the desired lighting for your entire grow room with fewer lights.
Optimal spectrum blend
Experience the power of the full spectrum LED diodes in the Octopus-H15L. From warm and white light to red, blue, and UV, it provides the perfect balance of wavelengths for every stage of plant growth.
Unmatched power
With a remarkable rating of 1500 watts, the Octopus-H15L stands as one of the most potent LED grow lights on the market. It delivers exceptional light output to fuel your plants' photosynthesis and promote vigorous growth.
Customizable light settings
Tailor the light intensity to meet the specific needs of your plants throughout their growth cycles. The Octopus-H15L offers adjustable light intensity settings, allowing you to optimize the lighting conditions accordingly.
Energy-efficient design
Save on electricity bills without compromising performance. The Octopus-H15L is engineered to be highly energy-efficient, consuming less power compared to other LED grow lights while maintaining stellar performance.