Built-in driver and 180° foldable design
With larger coverage of 4*6ft
Dimmable and daisy-chain available
Great for  grow rooms with rolling benches and vertical grow racks
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1 Pieces(Min. Order)
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Powerful PAR value
Experience the power of the Octopus-H10L LED grow light with its remarkable PAR value of 3.0 umol/j. This high PAR value ensures that your plants receive the optimal amount of photosynthetically active radiation for robust and healthy growth.
Versatile full spectrum
The Octopus-H10L LED grow light provides a comprehensive SMF spectrum which coverage caters to all stages of plant growth, from seedling to flowering, promoting vigorous development and maximizing yields.
Expandable daisy chain functionality
Simplify your setup and expand your grow operation effortlessly. The Octopus-H10L LED grow lights are daisy chainable, allowing you to connect multiple lights together with ease. This feature is ideal for larger grow areas, providing uniform and consistent lighting across your entire canopy.
Intense and uniform lighting distribution
Witness the power of high-intensity and uniform lighting with the Octopus-H10L LED grow lights. Designed to deliver intense light output evenly across your plants, it ensures every corner of your grow space receives the optimum light intensity for healthy and vigorous growth.