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Octopus-HS series
Octopus-HS series is designed for grow box or small DIY grow environment. With the same function and spectrum as its brother, Octopus-HS series can cover the full growing stages from seedling to flowering. The dimming switch on the light makes it easy to control the intensity of light. External dimmer can be also applied to achieve more complex dimming requirements.


Octopus-H4S is a small version of Octopus-H4. It is designed for grow in small sized grow box with full cycle spectrum. Dimming switch and external dimming function equipped, Octopus-H4S is perfect for all growing stages.

Product Data

PPF: 416 µmol/s
Power consumption (watts): 160W
Electrical efficiency (μmol/J): 2.6
US: 21.1” L x 21.1” W | 11.9lbs
Metric: 536 mm L x 536 mm W | 5.4 kg
*Power Supply Included
Spectrum: FSM,FSG


Octopus-H8S is a high watt LED grow light with small dimension which could be adapted to grow space under 1 square meter. Foldable with 8 light bars which give uniform light distribution, Octopus-H8S is perfect for hobby growers.

Product Data

PPF: 832 µmol/s
Power consumption (watts): 320W
Electrical efficiency (μmol/J): 2.6
US: 28.7” L x 28.7” W x7.1” H | 24 lbs
Metric: 730 mm L x 730 mm W | 10.9 kg
*Power Supply Included

360° 3D display


Octopus-HS series is developed for growers whose cultivation is in restricted space. Its small dimension makes it suitable for small grow tent or box. With full spectrum and foldable design, Octopus-HS serves the plant same as Octopus-H and cover all growing stage with adequate lighting.

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